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You do not need to be a member to send us your complaints. However if you are not a member then you will not be able to view your past queries or send a reply.

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Please select the appropriate category and only write to us in English.

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Let us have your booking tracking number, this is made up of 2 letters followed by 8 digits.
Before submitting your complaint please take a moment to check our Instant help page

If you were not happy with the action that was taken by the hotel please indicate how you would have liked them to act and what you hope to see as a result of you submitting your complaint

Any complaint will be dealt with promptly but please do understand that response times do vary depending upon the hotel and nature of the query in question.
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  Any other issue
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If you have cause to submit a compliant that has occurred after your check in at the hotel then its very important that you provide us with as much information as possible. This will enable your complaint to be looked into without delay  
My room number at the hotel :    
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Name and position of the person I reported my complaint to at the hotel :    
Action that was taken by the hotel :    
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