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  Client Alliance

As important as you are to us and as part of our company complaint & customer care policy we introduced the Met Global - Client Alliance which will overall improve your experience as well as the efficiency of our services at Customer Alliance

1 - All customer care team members will be understanding, respectful and not use technical words but will correspond in plain English.

1 - We ask that our clients be understanding and show respect and kindness to our customer care team that you would like shown to you.

2 - We encourage all our customer care team members to use their real names and use a personal touch.

2 - We ask that you use your real identity so that we can continue our long term relationship between yourself and our company.

3 - We anticipate that it is possible that problems will occur and we will address any complaint according to our set clear, policies.

3 - We ask that you recognize that problems may occur and that hotels may not always be able to provide the services advertised due to renovations, maintenance etc. We ask that you give our company the details and time required to address the issue in the most competent way.

4 - We actively encourage your feedback and any suggestions are always recorded, and where possible implemented so that we can continue to improve our services.

4 - We ask that you share any issues and feedback directly with us so that we have the opportunity to respond and work with you to solve any problem.

5 - We promise to demonstrate our good intentions by speaking plainly and enthusiastically with our clients about any problems that may arise.

5 - We ask that you give us the benefit of the doubt and remain open to what our customer care team have to say.

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