Discount Hotel Reservations

Discount Hotel Reservations

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 Our new product - Activities

Our new product - Activities

Not only can you book hotels from our website but now you can complete all your travel requirements online and also book transfers, tours and more.

You can book up to 10 activities in one go (These are collected in your shopping cart). Activities include sightseeing, transfers, tours, attractions, show tickets, etc.

Your activities are not limited to one destination, so if for example you are travelling to London and Paris you can book your transfers and tours for both cities in one shopping cart, it’s that easy.

The benefits of pre booking your activities and transfers are;

  • You receive a guaranteed pre-booked service.
  • You immediately get your voucher with all your booking details and contact information for the local activity provider.
  • For busy dates you are sure of your booking especially for the most popular attractions.
  • Pre paid means you have already budgeted for your trip which leaves you with extra spending money in your pocket.
  • Make the most of your stay and book in advance so you don’t miss out on any of those ‘Must see‘ or ‘Must do attractions or sights‘.
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