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Location, Climate: Verona is a romantic city in northern Italy. It is situated on the base of Lessini Mountains and along Adige River in the region of Veneto. Verona has a temperate climate with distinct four seasons. Most tourists prefer booking discount hotels in Verona during summertime which lasts from June until September. Those who prefer a cooler weather should book a discount hotel during spring or autumn. Brief History: Archaeological remains were discovered in Verona that proved human existence in the city around 300,000 years ago. The first settlers were probably the Raeti or Eugani tribe, but the Gallic Cenomani later on occupied Verona. The Romans colonized Verona which soon flourished into a center for commerce, politics and industry. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Verona has a rich culture and famous for its opera performances. Around 30,000 people gather at the spectacular Arena di Verona during the Verona Opera Festival in summer to witness highly-acclaimed composers, opera singers and other brilliant showcase of talents. The most-visited landmark in Verona is Juliet's House at Piazza delle Erbe which is the setting for Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet”. Other must-see sites in Verona include the Roman Amphitheater, Verona Cathedral, Basilica of St. Zeno and the Old Castle. Transportation: It is easy to explore the city center on foot. If you want to visit the lake area, the best choice is by driving a car. A cheaper option is by bus, but you need to transfer to another bus once you get to a lake town. Avail of the VeronaCard to get unlimited bus rides and admission to most of the attractions.
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