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Location, Climate: Valencia is a well-known tourist destination in Spain. It is situated east of the Mediterranean Sea and near Catalonia, Murcia, Aragon and New Castille. The pleasant climate of Valencia makes it a great place to visit all-year round. If you want to enjoy sunny days, avoid booking discount hotels during winter when most rainfalls occur. Book a hotel online to get huge discount on accommodation. Brief History: The history of Valencia dates back to 138 BC when the city was occupied by the Romans. Valencia was discovered along Turia river and used to be an Iberian town named “Valentia”. Remains of the Roman period can still be seen in the historical town of Sagunto including the Roman Theater. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Valencia has one of the best carnivals in the world so don't miss the Valencia Carnival in February. This annual festival has everything you can expect in a carnival such as colorful costumes, parades, dance, music, beauty pageants and drag shows. If you missed the carnival, then drop by at Barrio del Carmen where you can meet people from all walks of life and enjoy dining, drinking and shopping. There are also several magnificent structures in Valencia that are worth-seeing such as the Valencia Cathedral and Llotja de la Seda. Transportation: Freely explore Valencia by riding a car or a bike which can be easily rented in the city. If you got money to spare, then it is best to ride a taxi. Those who have a tight budget should avail of the Bonometro or Bonobus to have access to the metro or bus.
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