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Location, Climate: Turin is a wonderful place to visit in Italy. It is situated in the region of Piedmont and on the convergence of the Dora Riparia River and Po River. The climate of Turin is more continental than Mediterranean because winters are cold but not harsh while summers are warm but not extremely hot. If you dislike the rain, then it is best not to book a discount hotel during late spring and early autumn. Find the perfect accommodation for you by choosing from a wide range of discount hotels online. Brief History: The first settlers in Turin were the Celtic tribes who arrived in the area around 200 BC and stayed there until the Romans expanded their empire northwards. Turin served as a military camp for the Romans during the 1st century AD before it was established as a city. Events, Landmarks, Activities: There are lots of things in store for everyone visiting Turin during the month of April because three popular events are held during that time: the Il Gioco del Teatro, Turin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and the Turin Marathon. Turin is like an open-air gallery because of the many marvelous structures seen all over the city such as the Turin Cathedral, Palatine Towers, Mole Antonelliana, Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Carignano. Transportation: The city center can be easily explored on foot, but those who prefer to ride can just hire a taxi. The underground metro is the most popular choice when traveling within the city because it is fast and inexpensive. Take the bus or train when visiting neighboring towns and cities.
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