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Location, Climate:
Trabzon is a lovely city in Turkish region of Eastern Karadeniz. Its location along the coast of the Black Sea gives it a maritime climate. Summers in Trabzon are humid and warm while winters are damp and cool. Make discount hotel reservations during winter and autumn if you like rainy weather. It is best to book discount hotels during summer when there is less rainfall. Find the best deals and discounts in Trabzon hotels online and get secured reservations.

Where to Stay:
Business travelers would get the best value for their money by staying at Usta Park Hotel. This 4-star hotel boasts of its low rates, excellent business location and meeting facilities. If you have a bigger budget, then the best choice would be the Novotel Trabzon, which is the first international hotel in the city. It is situated along the Black Sea and beside the World Trade Center and features luxurious suites, convention center, indoor swimming pool and business center.

Brief History:
Trabzon was discovered by the Milesians around 756 BC and called this place Trapezous. This was one of the Milesian trading colonies that were located along the Black Sea. Other trading colonies include the Abydos, Sinope and Cyzicus. Trabzon was a small state of the Greek settlement and not considered an empire. According to archeological evidences such as the Greek Drachma coin which can be found now in the British Museum, there was money-changing activity during the early years in Trabzon.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
One of the largest events in Trabzon is the International BlackSea Theatre Festival which is held every month of May. This annual festival gathers some of the best actors/actresses, directors and technical crew to showcase theatre performances including street shows, dance exhibitions and live concerts. The main landmark in Trabzon is the magnificent Sumela Monastery, which is a remarkable rock-made monastery situated on the edge of the cliff. Another famous attraction is the Church of Hagia Sophia (now known as Aya Sofya Museum) which was a former church now turned into a museum.

The city center of Trabzon is quite compact which makes it easy to explore on foot, but make sure to bring a map with you. If you are staying on the outskirts, you can take a bus and then ride the free shuttle service located at the bus station to get to the city center. There are also ferries that cross over the Black Sea to get to Sochi in Russia.

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