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Location, Climate: Tokyo is the capital and the most populated city in Japan. This wealthy and powerful city is situated in the Kanto region and on the southeast of Honshu Island. The climate of Japan is humid subtropical and experiences four seasons. The best time to visit Tokyo is between March and April when the cherry blossoms bloom and the weather is mild. Book your discount Tokyo hotel online for the best rates. Brief History: The city was first called Edo which means “estuary”, but it was soon renamed to Tokyo which is a combination of “to” which means “east” and “kyo” which means “capital” when Tokyo became the imperial capital of Japan in 1868. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Tokyo hosts many traditional festivals each year and each one features its rich and colourful culture and history. Some of the biggest events are the Sanno Festival in June, Sanja Festival in May and the Kanda Festival also in May. Here you can witness huge parades that feature traditional music as well as dance performances. The best place to start sightseeing is Asakusa which is famous for its magnificent temples including the Asakusa Kannon, Asakusa Jinja and Denpoin Temple. Chiyoda also has many wonderful attractions such as the world-famous Imperial Palace while Harajuku features the spectacular Meiji Shrine and beautiful Yoyogi Park. Transportation: Tokyo boasts an extensive mass transit system including the subway which travels around the Yamanote loop. It is best to avail of prepaid fare cards such as the PASMO which is sold in vending machines. This kind of card lets you use the train, subway and bus.
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