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Location, Climate: Thessaloniki is one of the largest cities in Greece. It is situated in the Macedonia region and experiences a Mediterranean climate. Summers in Thessaloniki are hot and dry while winters are mild. Enjoy sunbathing in Thessaloniki by booking a discount hotel in summer. Book in advance get a better chance of availing discount hotels during the peak season. Brief History: The history of Thessaloniki dates back around 3,000 years ago. The city became prosperous during the Roman period and Ottoman period, but the most important era was the Byzantine period. After the downfall of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire took over the city in 395 AD which produced many World Heritage sites. Events, Landmarks, Activities: One of the biggest annual events in Thessaloniki is the International Trade Fair which is held every September at HelExpo. This event highlights the political and commercial life of Greece and features film festivals, cultural shows and live music. Thessaloniki boasts of its Byzantine churches including the Agia Sophia, St. Nicholas Orfanos and Agios Demetrios. Another must-see attraction in Thessaloniki is the White Tower, which is the only standing seafront tower in the world. There are also many world-class museums in Thessaloniki that are worth seeing such as the Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. Transportation: Most tourists prefer renting a car to get around Thessaloniki. Buses are a good choice for short distance travels as well as shared taxis. For farther destinations, it is cheaper and faster to take the train. There are also ferries that link Thessaloniki to other Greek islands.
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