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Location, Climate: Strasbourg is home to numerous European institutions and also the capital of France's Alsace region. It is situated along the Ill River near the border of Germany. Strasbourg has four distinct seasons: warm summers, cold winters, colorful autumns and blooming springs. The peak season in Strasbourg is summer so make sure to book discount hotels in advance to get good discount on accommodation. Brief History : Evidences of human existence in Strasbourg that dates back 600,000 years ago, proved that the city has been inhabited during the Neolithic, bronze and iron ages. The first permanent settlers in Strasbourg were the proto-Celts who arrived here around 1300 BC. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Thousands of music lovers gather every month of June for the annual Strasbourg Music Festival. This 2-week music event began in 1932 and continues to showcase some of the best classical music performances in the country. Most of Strasbourg's major attractions can be found at the district of Grande Ile such as the magnificent Strasbourg Cathedral which features the impressive Astrometric Clock; the beautiful Rohan Palace; the Maison Kammerzell and Alsatian Museum. Other wonderful areas in Strasbourg include the Petite-France which consists of medieval houses and baroque buildings and the Orangerie which is a lush park with small zoo and children's playground. Transportation: Strasbourg is a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly city which makes walking and riding a bicycle pleasant in this place. For farther destinations, you can ride the bus or the tram but make sure to avail of tickets at any newspaper stands, vending machines, tourist offices or CTS boutiques.
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