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Location, Climate: Side is an ancient city in Turkey that attracts thousands of tourists annually because of its amazing archaeological sites. It is located in the Antalya Province along the Mediterranean Sea giving it hot summers and mild winters. It is best to book discount hotels between July and August when the weather is hot and dry. Find the perfect discount hotel online. Brief History: Side means “pomegranate” in Anatolian language. The first conqueror of Side was Alexander the Great who reigned over the city during 333 BC. After his death in 305 BC, Ptolemy I Soter became the king of Egypt. The Seleucid Empire took over the Ptolemaic dynasty during the 2nd century BC. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Probably the biggest cultural event in Side is the International Side Culture and Art Festival which is held from July to September. This 3-month long festival features highly-acclaimed performances from both foreign and local repertories and artists held in different venues such as the Temple of Apollo, Village Square, Ancient Theatre and Ancient Port. Go back in time by visiting Side's excellent ancient sites such as the Temples of Apollo and Athena and the remarkable Aspendos, which was a Hellenistic amphitheater turned into a bustling shopping district. Transportation: All motorized vehicles are not allowed to enter the downtown area during summertime so walking is the only option. Most tourists prefer to walk, but some take the dolmus (minibus) to get to other areas. Yellow taxis are more convenient, but make sure to negotiate with the driver first. To enjoy the views from above, ride the hot air balloon.
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