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Location, Climate:
Salamanca is a well-known university city in Spain. It lies within the Castile and Leon autonomous region and features a moderate continental climate. Summers in Salamanca are hot and arid while winters are cold. It is highly-recommended to make discount hotel reservations between May and September when it is sunny and warm. There are plenty of choices in discount hotels online so book the one that suits your preference. Make reservations now to get the best hotel deals and enjoy up to 70% discount on room rates.

Where to Stay:
Get your money's worth by booking a room at Castellano II Hotel because you don't only get to save up on accommodation, but on transportation as well because of its superb location in the city center. Staying in a 4-star hotel need not be expensive because Horus Salamanca has unbelievably low rates and offers world-class business and leisure facilities. One of the most luxurious hotels in Salamanca is Don Gregorio which is situated right in the heart of the city center and boasts of its superior and modern facilities.

Brief History:
The history of Salamanca began when the Celtic tribe Vacceos inhabited the city, but it only gained recognition when the Romans conquered the city during the 3rd century BC. The city was formerly known as Helmantica and became an important commercial hub for the Romans because of its strategic location along Via de la Plata road which connects Astorga with Merida. This ancient Roman bridge can still be seen in Salamanca.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
The month of June in Salamanca was made more exciting by its list of fun-filled events including the Jazz in the Streets, Bullfighting Festival of the Hermanitas, Feast day of St. John of Sahagun, Corpus Christi and the Festival de Cante Flamenco. Salamanca boasts of its list of magnificent churches such as the Old Cathedral, Espiritu Santo Church, Santa Clara Convent and Convento de San Esteban. The most-visited area in Salamanca is the Plaza Mayor where you can find several historical attractions including the City Hall. Must-see museums include the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum, San Esteban Museum and Castille and Leon Film Library.

Most of the areas in the city center is pedestrianized which makes walking around the area pleasant. Most tourists prefer renting a car so they can tour Salamanca in their own pace. Taxis are widely available for those who can't drive and rates are reasonable. There are also buses and trains that travel both short and long distances.

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