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Location, Climate: Rudesheim am Rhein or commonly known as Rudesheim is a winemaking city in Germany that is situated on the southern tip of Rhine Gorge in Hesse. The weather in Rudesheim is moderate all throughout the year with several rainfalls. The coldest month in Rudesheim is January while the hottest month is July which also receives frequent rainfalls. Brief History: The first settlers in Rudesheim are the Celts which were later on taken over by the Germanic tribe Ubii during the Christian Period. The Romans headed to the Taunus mountain range and built a military defence at Bingen. After the term of the Romans, the Alemanni reigned over Rudesheim which was soon taken over by the Franks during the Migration Period. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Since Rudesheim is famous for its wines, most hotels get booked during months of July and August when the annual Firework Festival and Wine Festival is held. Enjoy the finest wines, great meals, magnificent views and spectacular firework displays during these events. The most notable landmark in Rudesheim is the Bromserburg Castle which was named a UNESCO World Heritage site and features a wine museum. Other famous attractions include the Niederwalddenkmal, Eberbach Abbey, Saint James’s Parish Church and the Mouse Tower. The most touristic area in Rudesheim is Drosselgasse at the old town which consists of many restaurants, bars and wine taverns. Transportation: Rudesheim is a small city so most of the attractions can be explored by foot. For farther destinations, it is advisable to take the train or the cable car and chair lift.
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