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Rome is situated in the region of Lazio along the Tiber River. Because of the city's close proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea, it has a Mediterranean climate which most tourists seek for when finding a vacation spot. The best time to visit Rome is during October which is warm and sunny. The history of Rome spans for more than 2,500 years and became the seat of the Pope during the 1st century A.D. It became the capital of Italy in 1871.Rome is included in the top three most-visited cities in the European Union alongside Paris and London. There are lots of cultural, religious and entertainment festivals in Rome and one of the biggest event in the city is the Estate Romana Festival which is held from June to October. This ancient city is famous for its many wonderful attractions ranging from beautiful churches and temples to lovely parks and piazzas. The most-visited sites in Rome include the Pantheon, Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain. The Vatican City attracts millions of pilgrims each year being home of the Pope and features the Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens, Apostolic Palace and St. Peter's Basilica. Enjoy Rome's architectural masterpieces by visiting the Capitoline Hill, Quirinal Palace and Venezia Palace. Traffic has been a huge problem in Rome so it is not advisable to drive around this city plus there are not a lot of taxis available here. It is best to take the metro or better yet the bus which has more bus lines.
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