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Location, Climate:
Padova is a picturesque city in northern Italy. It is situated in the region of Veneto and surrounded by Venezia, Verona and Vicenza. The climate of Padova is humid subtropical with four distinct seasons. The best time to book a discount hotel in Padova is during summertime when the weather is moderately hot and less rainy. Avoid booking discount hotels between April and June which are the wettest months in Padova.

Brief History:
Padova is one of the oldest cities in Italy with history dating back around 1183 BC when Prince Antenor of Troy founded the medieval commune. A large stone sarcophagus was erected in Padova in 1274 in honor of the relics of Antenor. The Roman name of Padova was Patavium which was first inhabited by the Veneti.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
Go back in time by attending the Padova Vintage Festival which is usually held in September. This 3-day event features vintage markets, parades, exhibitions, seminars and retro parties. Start your quest for spirituality by visiting some of Padova's stunning churches including the Duomo, Saint Anthony's Cathedral, Scrovegni's Chapel and Santa Giustina Basilica. Must-see museums in Padova include the Eremitani Civic Museum and Oratorio de San Giorgio. Appreciate the beauty of nature by going to the Botanic Garden.

The historic center is quite small which makes it easy to wander on foot. Riding a bicycle is a good option because the city is flat, but watch out for cobbled streets. Trams are the choice of most tourists because it stops at major attractions. Buses cover the whole city and the suburbs.

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