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Location, Climate: Oxford is a university city in the United Kingdom that is known for its reputable universities, medieval gems and vibrant nightlife. The climate of Oxford can get unpredictable sometimes just like most cities in the U.K. Most discount hotels get booked during summer season (May to September). Book a discount hotel in advance for a hassle-free vacation. Brief History The Normans arrived in Oxford in 1066 and made a strong impact in the city right away. Lord Robert D'Oily, who built the Oxford Castle, was assigned as the governor of Oxford in 1071. Queen Matilda was imprisoned by King Stephen, but was able to escape the tower in 1142. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Have a merry month of May in Oxford by attending its festivities such as the May Morning, Oxfordshire Artweeks, Lord Mayor's Parade and Oxfringe. Majority of Oxford's visitors are students and the most popular colleges are the Magdalen College and Christ Church College. Check out some of the marvelous landmarks in Oxford such as the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Sheldonian Theatre, Bodleian Library and Hertford Bridge. Those who love to shop can check out the great things they can find at the Covered Market and Blackwell's Books. Transportation: Walking in the city center is advisable if you want to enjoy the sights and shopping. Some choose to ride the bicycle especially at Oxford's recreational areas. Buses are used by most locals because it covers most of the city and also inexpensive. Take the train at the station on Botley Road if you want to visit other cities such as London.
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