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Location, Climate: Naples is one of the most populated cities in Italy. This popular destination can be found in the region of Campania and along the Gulf of Naples. Naples experiences sunny days during summer and cold weather during winter. Book your discount Naples hotel in advance for the best rates. Naples hotels range from cheap hostels to the classic beauty, the five star Grand hotel Parker’s which dates back to 1860. Brief History: Naples was discovered by the Greeks around 8th century BC and the city was called “Neapolis” Meaning, “new city” in the Greek language. Naples has been invaded by different empires such as the Roman Empire with the imprisonment of Romulus Augustulus in 476 and the Byzantine Empire who took over Naples in the 6th century. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Winter in Naples can be fun because of the festivities held during this time. Aside from Christmas, New Year's Eve and Epiphany, the city also hosts the San Gennaro Feast which is a famous religious event and the Carnival which features parades and masquerades. Naples is known for its beautiful castles such as the Egg Castle which features the Museum of Prehistory and the New Castle which has the main museum. Must-see museums in Naples are the National Museum of Capodimonte and Naples National Archaeological Museum. Other popular attractions include the Duomo, New Jesuite Church, St. Martin's Charterhouse and Park of Remembrance. Transportation: The fastest way to get around Naples is by taxi, but it is quite expensive. There are bus and train stations on the eastern part of Naples and in Piazza Garibaldi. The ferry travels from Molo Beverello to different islands such as Sardinia and Capri
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