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Location, Climate: Madrid is the capital of Spain that is situated on the Iberian Peninsula and along Manzanares River. The weather in Madrid can get extreme sometimes ranging from hot and humid summers to cool and frosty winters. The best time to visit Madrid is during autumn and spring when the climate is mild but watches out for sudden rainfalls. You can book discount Madrid hotels at at every season. Brief History: The earliest evidence of human settlement in Madrid was during the prehistoric era, but the first history recorded was in the 19th century when Mohamed I built a palace near the Manzanares River thus calling this city “Mayrit” which means “source of water”. Events, Landmarks, Activities: There are lots of festivals held in Madrid annually and the most unique are the La Transhumancia in November when livestocks take over the streets of Madrid, and the Toros de San Isidro which runs from April to May and features the best bullfighters in the world. The most touristic area in Madrid is Puerta del Sol where one can find the Royal Post Office and statues of King Charles III and the Bear and Madrono Tree. Other popular destinations include Plaza Mayor, Mercado de San Miguel, Plaza de la Villa and Gran Vía. Don't miss out on Madrid's famous landmarks such as the Palacio Real, Catedral de la Almudena and Museo Del Prado. Hotels near Madrid Airport are available at Transportation: Since most of the attractions are found in the city center, you can easily explore them by foot. For farther destinations, it is best to take the metro since Madrid has one of the best metros in Europe.
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