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Location, Climate: Lyon or also called Lyons is a charming city in France. It is situated on the region of Rhone-Alpes and nestled between the cities of Marseille and Paris. The climate of Lyon is semi-continental with warm summers and cool winters. The most comfortable weather in Lyon can be experienced during spring and early autumn so make sure to book a discount hotel during that time. There are plenty of discount hotels to choose from online. Brief History: Evidences of human settlement in Lyon were found in the city which proves its existence around 12,000 BC, but there were no traces found of occupation before the Roman period. Lucius Munatius Plancus discovered Lyon in 43 BC and named the city Lugdunum. Events, Landmarks, Activities: The grandest event in Lyon is the Festival of the Lights which is a 4-day celebration in December. Millions of people gather during this festival to witness amazing sound-and-light shows participated by professional artists globally. Lyon has many magnificent churches and most can be seen at the Old Lyon such as the baptistery of former St Etienne Church, St Jean Cathedral and St Paul Church. Travel outside the Old Lyon to see the Amphitheatre des Trois Gaules, Fourviere Basilica and Place des Terreaux. Transportation: Walking the Old Lyon can be pleasant, but you can take the bus or metro to visit other destinations in Lyon. There are four metro lines and 100 bus lines in Lyon so getting anywhere is really easy. You can also take the funicular that travels from the Old Lyon metro station to Fourviere and Saint-Just.
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