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Location, Climate: Langkawi is beautiful archipelago in Northern Malaysia that consists of 104 islands. These islands are situated in Kedah and face the border of Thailand. The climate in Langkawi is stable all throughout the year having sunny days with occasional showers and grey skies. The rainiest months in Langkawi are from September to October. Enjoy the perfect sunny weather with few light showers from April to August. Brief History: Many locals believed that this city was cursed, but this misconception was changed by Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohammad when he transformed Langkawi into a famous tourist resort. Because of its progress and development, the Sultan of Kedah renamed the city “Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah” in 2008. Events, Landmarks, Activities: There are lots of fun events in Langkawi but the most popular are the Langkawi International Water Festival in March which features various water sports activities such as kayak races and sandcastle building, and Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in October which is a 2-day celebration of Ramadan with banquets and parties. Langkawi is famous for its geoforest parks being given by UNESCO the World Geopark status. Must-see geoparks in Langkawi are the Kilim Karst, Machincang Cambrian and Dayang Bunting Marble. Langkawi is also known for its beautiful beaches and the most popular is Pantai Cenang which is a white sand beach with a strip of restaurants and bars. Transportation: Langkawi lacks public transport that's why it is best to explore the island by bicycle which can be rented in most hotels. You can also choose to rent a car or motorbike.
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