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Location, Climate: Krakow is one of the largest cities in Poland. This historic city is located on the river of Vistula in Lesser Poland. The climate of Krakow is oceanic with hot, humid summers and brutally cold, snowy winters. The wettest month is September. Book your discount Krakow hotel now to get big savings on your accommodation. Brief History: This history of Krakow dates back to 20,000 B.C. when traces showed human settlement in this city. There were evidences of human existence in the cave where mythical King Krak killed a dragon. In 966, Krakow was officially mentioned by a Spanish merchant who described the city as an important trade center in Slavonic Europe. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Krakow had a huge influence on Jewish spiritual life before World War II and this is now evident on its festivals including the Jewish Culture Festival in June and the Bajit Chadasz in November. These events feature live concerts and workshops that feature the Jewish culture. Krakow boasts of its huge collection of religious sites and some of the most-visited are the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Wawel Cathedral and St. Mary's Basilica. There are also several museums in Krakow that are worth checking out such as the National Museum and Czartoryski Museum. Transportation: There are many walking routes in the city center such as those at Planty Park, Royal Way and Florian's Gate, which makes walking pleasant. Riding a bicycle is a great alternative and there are bike lanes around the Old Town. Cheap bike rentals can be found in Kazimierz.
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