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Location, Climate:
Kos is very popular among holidaymakers traveling to Greece. It is one of the most-visited Greek Dodecanese Islands along the Aegean Sea. Kos is blessed with plenty of sunshine making it a great place to visit all-year round. Make sure to book a discount hotel in advance because Kos gets packed with tourists between months of May and October. If you prefer a quiet time yet still enjoy the warm weather, there are plenty of discount hotels available online between July and August.

Brief History:
Archaeological remains found near the area of Kefalos proved human existence in Kos during the Bronze Age. The excavations date back around 4,5000 years ago during the Helladic period. During the 7th century BC, Kos was included in the Dorian League and was soon ruled by the Persians. Alexander the Great liberated Kos and the island.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
If you plan to travel to Kos in August, then you are in for a real treat as it hosts several interesting festivals including the Wine Festival in Mastihari, Fish Festival in Kefalos and the Feast of Honey in Antimachia. The main reason most tourists visit Kos is because of its gorgeous beaches including the Marmari, Kardamena and Lambi. There are also historical attractions in Kos that are worth seeing such as the Nerantzia Castle, Antimachia Venetian Castle. Asklepieion, Roman Odeon and the Roman Mansion.

Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore the island. Those who have a tight budget can ride the bus. Those who prefer to travel by water can take the ferry to visit other islands.

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