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Location, Climate: Jasper is the favorite destination of those who are into winter sports and the outdoors. It is situated in Jasper National Park located at the Alberta Rockies in Canada. The climate of Jasper is extremely seasonal especially during fall and spring seasons. Most tourists book discount hotels in Jasper during winter to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Avail of huge discount and cool promos in Jasper hotels online. Brief History: In 1907, the Jasper National Park was inaugurated. The town's railway siding which was called Fitzhugh was built in 1911 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. A year after that, the Canadian Northern Railway also started to operate in Fitzhugh. The town's name was changed to Jasper in 1913. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Thousands of tourists go to Jasper every month of January to celebrate the “Jasper in January”, which is a two-week festival that features snow-sculpturing contests, colorful parades, hiking activities and other events including pie throwing. Enjoy the outdoors by visiting the Miette Hot Springs, Maligne Lake and Columbia Icefields. There are also several historical attractions in Jasper that are worth seeing such as the Anglican Church of St. Mary & St. George, Locomotive 6015, Jasper Library and Chaba Theatre. Must-see museums are the Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Den Wildlife Museum. Transportation: Jasper is a small town so most attractions can be reached on foot. To get to farther destinations, you can take a taxi or rent a car since there's no public transportation in Jasper. There are tour buses that can take you to major tourist sites.
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