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Location, Climate: Istanbul is considered a megacity in Turkey being the largest city and the center of culture, finance and economy. It is sprawled along the Golden Horn and nestled along the Bosphorus strait reaching both Asia and Europe. Istanbul is basically a rainy city so make sure to bring an umbrella when you go out. The best time to go here is during late spring and early autumn when the climate is mild but expect sudden rainfalls. Brief History: The history of Istanbul started in 660 BCE when the Megara settlers resided in the city calling it Byzantium named after their King Byzas. The arrival of Constantine the Great in Istanbul in 330 AD made it a Roman Empire capital thus changing the name to Constantinopole and later on called “stamboul” by the Turks. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Istanbul hosts numerous festivals each year but the biggest film festival happens every month of March to April and that is the Istanbul Film Festival which features more than 200 films, seminars, workshops and awards. This city is known worldwide for its Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman architecture so make sure to visit some of its famous landmarks including the Sultan Ahmed Mosque,Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Chora Church, Anatolian Castle, Rumelian Castle, Galata Tower, Hippodrome of Constantinople and Column of Constantine. Transportation: The best way to get around Istanbul is by taxi but there are drivers who does not use the meter so it is best to avoid them and taxis coming from other cities. Bus, metro, train, tram and boat are also accessible in Istanbul.
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