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Location, Climate: Hurghada or also known as the “Venice of Egypt” is the favorite destination of European holidaymakers because of its pristine beaches and perfect warm weather. The city's close proximity to the Red Sea emits cool sea breeze, which gives relief to the hot weather. Most tourists prefer booking discount hotels in Hurghada during early spring and late fall when the weather is mild. Search and book the perfect discount hotel for you online. Brief History: Hurghada used to be a small fishing village during the 1970s, but emerged as a premiere beach resort along the Red Sea during the 1980s. The city's transformation was due to the investments made by the Europeans, Americans and Arabs. Today, Hurghada is considered a global hot spot. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Ramadan is highly observed in Hurghada and the city celebrates the end of it with the Eid al-Fitr. This festival features religious services, rituals, banquets and social gatherings. There are lots of exclusive resorts in Hurghada, but there are also free ones that gets packed during summer especially the Old Vic Village which also features a strip of restaurant and souvenir shops. Other popular attractions include the Giftun Island National Park, Jungle Aqua Park, Marine Biology Museum and the Aquarium. Transportation: The best way to get around Hurghada is by walking since the streets are safe, but make sure to keep yourself hydrated and protected from the sun. If it gets too hot, you can always ride the taxi and always use landmarks rather than giving the address when telling directions to the driver.
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