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Location, Climate: Hong Kong (also spelled Hongkong) is a city-state situated on the south coast of China and eastern part of Macau. This place is surrounded by Zhujiang Delta and South China Sea. There are four distinct seasons in Hong Kong and the best time to visit is during autumn when it is sunny and pleasant. Avoid going here during August which is the rainiest time of the year. Brief History: The British claimed these fishing villages during the First Opium War in 1842 when the Ching Dynasty lost their battle against British opium trading. The Brits took over the New Territories in 1898 but Hong Kong finally regained its Chinese sovereignty in 1997. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Dubbed as the “Events Capital of Asia”, Hong Kong hosts numerous events all throughout the year but the most spectacular are its Chinese festivals including Chinese New Year in February, Dragon Boat Festival in June and Mid-Autumn Festival in September. The most touristic area is the Victoria Peak which gives panoramic views of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. Another great place to enjoy the view of the city is at Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront. Millions of families travel to Hong Kong each year to visit Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park and get a glimpse of the Symphony of Lights and walk along the Avenue of Stars. Transportation: The fastest way to get around Hong Kong is by taking the MTR but if you want to enjoy sightseeing, it is best to use the bus or tram. Driving around the city is not advisable because of the traffic.
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