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Location, Climate:
Graz is the capital of Austria's state of Styria. It is situated along Mur river and near Vienna. The climate of Graz is greatly influenced by the Mediterranean and protected by the Alps having plenty of sunshine and less rain or wind. Book a discount hotel between June and September to enjoy a warm weather. There is a wide selection of discount hotels online.

Brief History:
The history of Graz dates back to the Roman period when a fort was established in the site of the city center and a bigger fort was later on built in the same area by the Slovenians. The name of the city was taken from the Slovenian word “gradec” meaning “small castle”.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
Graz has a lively music scene and that is evident in its list of musical events including the Spring Festival in May, Styriarte in June, Serenata in July, and Jazzsommer in July and August. Make sure to include in your sightseeing list the Graz Cathedral, Riegersburg Castle, Schlossberg and the Graz Opera House. Take a glimpse of the future by visiting Graz's modern structures including the Mur River Island, Graz Kunsthaus and the Helmut-List-Hall. The most visited museum in Graz is the Styrian Armory which boasts of its huge collection of original armory.

It is easy to explore the old town on foot. Some prefer riding a bicycle because there are many bike paths in the city. Taxis can be hailed on the street or booked by phone. Trams and buses are more affordable and cover the whole city.

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