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Location, Climate: Granada is a top tourist destination in Spain. It is situated in the Granada province and on the base of the Sierra Nevada. The climate of Granada is fairly mild with hot, long summers and cold, short winters. If you want to snuggle during the cold weather, book a discount hotel between November and April. There is a wide range of discount hotels available online. Brief History: The history of Granada dates back around 2,500 years ago when it first originated as a settlement to the Ibero-Celtic tribes. Granada became an important economic center during the term of the Ancient Romans. The Visigoths reigned over Granada after the downfall of the Romans, but was later on conquered by the Byzantine Empire. Events, Landmarks, Activities: The grandest annual event in Granada is the Corpus Cristi Fair which is held between May and June. This huge festival features colorful parades, traditional clothes, horse-drawn carriages and bullfights. If you are staying for a limited time, make sure to stay close to Central Granada where you can find many remarkable sights including the Cathedral of Granada, Royal Chapel and Plaza Isabel la Catolica. A must-see for first-time tourists is The Alhambra which is a stunning medieval complex consisting of a fortress, palace and garden. Transportation: It is best to walk around the city, but take a map with you and watch out for scooters darting the narrow streets. To get to farther destinations, it is advisable to take the local buses which covers most of the city. The Alhambra buses can take you to places that other vehicles can't.
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