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Gran Canaria
Location, Climate: The Gran Canaria is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Canary Islands. This beautiful island is part of the Macronesia island group in the Atlantic Ocean. The Gran Canaria is a popular year round holiday destination due to the climate of mild winters and hot summers. The north of the Island can be more overcast than the south, so if the sun is important to you, before you book your Gran Canaria hotel, do research which part of the Island you will be staying. Brief History: There are lots of legends and myths about the history of Gran Canaria and it was said that the first settlers on the island were linked to the Berbers and North African tribes. It was believed that Gran Canaria was inhabited by these tribes since 500 B.C. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Thousands of tourists visit Gran Canaria between months of January and February because of the numerous festivals that are held during these months. Book in advance and get the best choice of Gran Canaria hotel accommodation. Enjoy the International Music Festival, Three Holy Kings Carnaval, Festival de Opera and the Festival of Almond Blossom. There are lots of interesting attractions in Gran Canaria including the Museo Canario which has the largest collection of skulls and mummies in the world. Another must-see site is the Mundo Aborigen which is a replica of an ancient village. Attractions popular with families are Aqualand, Palmitos Park and Sioux City. Transportation: The only mode of public transport on the Gran Canaria is the local bus, known locally as Gaugas. Two bus companies run the bus services; one operates within Las Palmas while the other has routes connecting other parts of the Island.
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