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Location, Climate:
Girona is one of the main Calatan cities in Spain. It is located on the convergence of the rivers Onyar, Ter, Guell and Galligants. Girona generally features a mild climate wherein summers are warm and winters are wet. If you plan to do many outdoor activities, it is best to book a discount hotel between July and August. There are many kinds of deals in discount hotels available online. Book the one that suits you best.

Brief History:
The Jewish community in Girona flourished during the 12th century having one of Europe's most significant Kabbalah schools. The city has experienced 25 sieges and has been captured 7 times. Girona became the capital of the Ter department under the French rule lasting from 1809 to 1813.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
Witness outstanding dance and theatre performances during the Temporada Alta which is held every autumn. This international event gathers some of the best dancers and theatre actors from all over the world for a series of stage presentations. The most notable landmark Girona is the Cathedral which boasts of its Spanish Gothic architecture. Other must-see churches include the Benedictine Church of Sant Pere de Galligants and Collegiate Church of Sant Feliu. Learn about the heritage of Girona by visiting the Jewish quarter.

Walking is the best option when touring the Girona since the city is not that big. You can begin at the Archeological Walk and continue to the Jewish Quarter. Avoid wearing heels because of the steep stairs and cobblestone streets. Renting a car is advisable for day trips to neighboring villages.

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