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Location, Climate: Florence is the capital of Tuscany, Italy that is nestled among Senese Clavey Hills on the riverbanks of Arno. The climate in Florence is a combination of Mediterranean and humid subtropical having hot summers with several rainfalls and cool winters. Florence may get too hot from months of June to August. Make your accommodation in Florence with best hotel rates at Brief History: This city served as a settlement for Lucius Cornelius Sulla's veteran soldiers in 80 BC and named it Fluentia before becoming Florentia. The Italian Renaissance originated from Florence and this city became one of the most influential cities in Europe for more than 250 years. Because of Florence's great architecture, beauty and charm, its historic center was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Events, Landmarks, Activities: One of the biggest events in Florence is the Rificolona Festival or also called the Paper Lanterns Festival which is held every September and features pilgrims carrying lanterns, a market and party. Another must-see event is the Calcio Fiorentino which is a traditional kick game played every month of June. The most-visited area in Florence is the Cathedral Square where you can find the magnificent Milan Cathedral, Royal Palace and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Florence is famous for its museums including the Uffizi Gallery, Bargello Palace, Anoo Gallery and Museum of the Works of the Cathedral. Transportation: Since Florence is a compact city, the best way to explore it is by walking. There are also buses available but they are not allowed to enter in some areas. If you prefer riding a taxi, it is best to call first.
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