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Location, Climate: Dusseldorf is one of the most-visited cities in western Germany and is located beside the Rhine River and southwest of Rhine Ruhr region. The climate in Dusseldorf ranges from warm summers to chilly winters. The weather improves as it enters spring with lots of sunshine which makes the months of March and April as a particularly pleasant time to visit Dusseldorf. Brief History : The history of Dusseldorf dates back to 1288, but it only gained prominence during the term of Elector Johann Wilhem's which lasted from 1679 to 1716. Johann or also known locally as Jan Wellem was able to attract many artists that helped transform the city. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Dusseldorf hosts many festivals, events and fairs each year, but the most popular is the Carnival. This annual event is held every November and features colorful parades and costume balls. The most-visited area in Dusseldorf is the Old Town which is also known by clubbers as the ‘longest bar in the world’ having more than 300 bars and nightclubs There are also several other attractions in this area including the Old City Hall, Basilica St. Lambertus, Schlossturm and the statue of Jan Wellem. The newest addition to Dusseldorf's list of attractions is the Media Harbour which was transformed into a vibrant harbour filled with hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and discos. Transportation: Dusseldorf has excellent public transportation and as in many other cities in Germany, there are plenty of bikes hire opportunities. See the city from another angle and take a boat trip along the river Rhine.
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