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Central and North Greece
Location, Climate:
Greece is one of the top tourist spots in the world. The upper two thirds of the country which is known as Central and Northern Greece is less touristic than the other areas, but still offers many wonderful attractions. The climate of Greece is varied, but it enjoys plenty of sunshine between April and November. The best time to book discount hotels in Central and Northern Greece is from May to June and from September to October when the weather is pleasantly warm. Make discount hotel reservations online to get the best deals in hotels. The more reservations you make, the more discount codes you will earn.

Where to Stay:
Finding the perfect accommodation in Central and North Greece greatly depends on the traveler's budget and preferences. Perfectly suited for backpackers are small inns like the Arahova Inn Hotel and Guesthouse Papanikolau. Sophisticated travelers can enjoy the impeccable service offered by the Delphi Palace Hotel and Dioni Boutique Hotel. These 4-star hotels usually offer free airport transfers and arrange transportation for its guests.

Brief History:
The region was originally called “Roumel” which was derived from the Turkish word “Rumeli” or “Rumelia” which means “land of the Rum”. This area was officially known as “Sterea Ellada”, which is translated to “Mainland” or “Continental” Greece in the English language. It got its name from its juxtaposition along the Peloponnese peninsula running through the Gulf of Corinth which formed the Greek state around 1832.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
There are several cities in Central and North Greece that hosts their own unique event such as the Cosmopolis International Festival in Kavala, International Film Festival in Thessaloniki, and International Music Festival in Volos. There are many magnificent places in the region that are worth exploring including the ancient Delphi remains, Monasteries of Meteora, Oracle Site of Dodona and the Tomb of Alexander the Great in Vergina. Those who are planning to hike or trek would surely enjoy a trip to Mount Athos and Mount Olympus.

Most tourists especially those traveling in groups prefer hiring a service or a vehicle to get around Central and North Greece. Those who have a tight budget can find convenience traveling via the KTEL bus which covers the different regions. Ordinary trains are cheaper, but they tend to be slower. It is better to ride an Intercity train which costs a little bit more than the bus to reach other areas since they are faster.

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