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Location, Climate:
Visiting Carcassonne is like going to two different cities as it consist of two areas: the medieval La Cite and the more spacious Ville Basse. This charming French town lies within the Aude department and features hot summers and mild winters. Book a discount hotel between June and September to experience a pleasant weather. Find the best selection of discount hotels online.

Brief History:
Neolithic settlements were found in Carcassonne region around 3500 BC. There was occupation on a hill named Carsac (south of Carcassonne city) in 800 BC. The Celtic people inhabited Carcassonne and evidences such as ceramics and potteries that dates back to the 6th century were found in the area.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
Carcassonne hosts two major festivals in July: The Festival de la Bastide which features free concert, theater shows and traditional performances; and the Festival of La Cite which headlines some of the biggest pop and classical artists from all over the world. Carcassonne boasts of its medieval fortress which has been featured in the film “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. Must-see attractions within the Cite are the Cathedral of St. Nazaire and Chateau Comtal. There are also wonderful sites in Ville Basse such as the Musee des Beaux-Arts and Canal du Midi.

The roads in La Cite are quite confusing so it is best explored on foot. Ville Basse is more organized which makes it easy to drive around that area. Catch the free shuttle service traveling from La Cite to Ville Basse during summer, spring and fall. You can ride a bus during winter except on Sundays.

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