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Location, Climate:
Calais is the favorite weekend getaway of British day-trippers because of its close proximity to the Channel Tunnel which makes it more accessible to neighboring countries. This lovely French city is situated in the region of Nord-Pas de Calais and features a temperate oceanic climate. Book a discount hotel between July and August to enjoy warm weather, but be prepared for rainfalls. Make your discount hotel reservations online to get the best hotel deals and secured reservations.

Where to Stay:
There is a wide selection of discount hotels in Calais that would surely give you big savings in accommodation. Hotel Balladins Calais Confort offers super low rates and superb location in the city center. If you want to get closer to the beach, then book a room at the Holiday Inn Coquelles which is situated along the Opal Coast. Feel at home during your stay at Hotel Bel Azur which a family is owned hotel located in the Place d'Armes where you can find the local market.

Brief History:
Calais was originally a Roman settlement called “Caletum”. Roman general Julius Caesar assembled more than 800 sailing boats and around 2000 horses in Calais because of its strategic location to invade Britannia. The settlement was occupied by Dutch-speaking people and called the city “Kales” or “Caled” (Welsh), “Calad” (Irish), and “Kaled” in Breton.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
One of the much-awaited events in Calais is the Christmas Market Extravaganza (Sommets de Noel) which is held from the end of November to early January. This annual festival features a jam-packed market, turkey parade and other celebrations. If you did not get a chance to shop during this annual event, you can head to the Calais ports where you can find warehouse supermarkets that sell products at a lower cost. If you are looking for fresh fish to prepare for a meal or simply want to enjoy a drink, then head to Courgain Maritime and fish market. Calais is a great place to go sightseeing because of the numerous attractions including the 13th century Bell Tower, St-Pierre, Musee des Beaux-Arts, La Coupole and Blockhaus.

Enjoy the independence of exploring Calais by renting a car. Buses are less expensive and it covers the whole city and the suburban areas. There is around 30-minute interval in the arrival of buses. There is a special shuttle bus at the port area that can take you to your destination, but walking would be a good option too.

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