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Location, Climate: Welcoming more than 1 million tourists annually is the marvelous city of Cairo in Egypt. It is nestled perfectly along the Nile River and features two seasons. Summers here can get really hot while winters are mild. If you want to experience a cooler weather, book discount hotels in Cairo between November to April. Choose from a wide selection of discount hotels online. Brief History: Cairo started out as a trading outpost for the Romans during the early years. That outpost was originally called Babylon (which is now known as Old Cairo) and it was built at the ancient canal linking the Nile River to the Red Sea. The Arabs officially discovered Cairo during the 7th century and took over the city. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Cairo hosts numerous events annually ranging from film to cultural festivals, but the biggest music happening in the city is the Cairo International Song Festival. This event is held every August and gives tribute to international musicians and singers as well as host an international song competition. The best place to start sightseeing is at the Old Cairo where one can find many splendid attractions including The Hanging Church, Church of St. George, Ben Ezra Synagogue, Mosque of Amr ibn al-As, Coptic Museum and the Babylon Fortress. Transportation: The fastest and most inexpensive way to get around Cairo is the metro (subway). There are also buses and mini buses that travel all over the city. The busiest bus station is at Midan Ramses. The river bus lets you travel by water and the Maspero terminal can be found on the Corniche.
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