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Location, Climate: Hungary's capital is Budapest where the Danube River splits the city into two parts called Buda and Pest. The Danube encircles the islands of Csepel, Margaret and Obuda within Budapest. The climate of Budapest ranges from warm summers to brutally cold winters. There are also frequent rainfalls in Budapest so the best time to visit is during months of April to September when it is sunny and dry. Brief History: Budapest was derived from its two major cities, Buda and Pest, when it was united in 1873. The Celts were the first settlers in Budapest and they arrived here before I A.D. The Romans took over the city in 106 A.D. making it a huge military camp with houses, amphitheaters, roads and baths. Events, Landmarks, Activities: There are lots of musical festivals in Budapest that both attract the young and old including the Sziget Festival, Spring Festival, Autumn Festival, Summer Festival and Fringe Festival where music ranges from rock to classical. The most touristic area in Budapest is the Castle Hill where one can find many attractions including the spectacular Matthias Church and magnificent Royal Palace which houses the National Gallery. Downtown Pest also has its own list of historical sites such as the Parliament Building, Great Synagogue and St. Stephen's Basilica. The Andrassy Boulevard has the State Opera House and City Park. Transportation: The fastest and cheapest way to get around Budapest is via Metro. You can also choose to take the bus, tram or even skateboard around the city. Driving a car is not advisable because of the heavy traffic.
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