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Location, Climate: Bordeaux is known worldwide for its fine wines. This charming French city is situated on the region of Aquitaine and features a temperate climate. It experiences long, warm summers and short, mild winters. If you prefer getting discount hotels in Bordeaux, book your choice of discount hotel during spring time when the weather is cool and most tourists are gone. Brief History: The first inhabitants of Bordeaux were the Neanderthals who arrived in the city around 30,000 to 20,000 years ago. Their remains were found at the Pair-non-Pair cave located north of Bordeaux. The next settlers of Bordeaux were the Bituriges Vivisci who arrived in 300 BC and named the city “Burdigala”. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Thousands of tourists mostly wine lovers go to Bordeaux every June to celebrate the annual Bordeaux Wine Festival. Get a taste of the best wine and food as well as experience the culture of Bordeaux during this wonderful event. The city boasts of its impressive architecture as seen from the Grand Theatre, Bordeaux Cathedral, Church of the Holy Cross, Basilica of St. Michael, Place de la Bourse and Stone Bridge. There are also many world-class museums in Bordeaux that are worth-visiting such as the Fine Arts Museum and Bordeaux Museum of Contemporary Art. Transportation: Bordeaux is easy to explore on foot and bicycle because the city is flat and has a lot of pedestrian and bicycle areas. The most popular public transportation is the train and its main station is located at Gare St-Jean. Bordeaux also has 75 bus routes, 12 night bus routes and 3 tram railway lines.
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