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Location, Climate: Beijing is the capital of China and also one of the world's most populous cities. This historic city is situated on the northern part of the North China Plain. Beijing experiences hot-humid summers and cold-windy winters. The peak season is in the summer months so make sure to book your Beijing hotel in advance to avail of discount hotel rates. Autumn is also a good time to visit Beijing if you don’t want to experience the humidity and heat. Brief History: The name of the city means “Northern Capital” in Chinese which was the title it held during the long history of China. Beijing made its mark in Chinese history when it was declared the capital of Yanjing which was the state of Yan thousands of years ago. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Beijing is rich in culture and arts that's why most of its events are related to that including the Art Treasures Cultural Festival in August to September, and the Beijing Modern International Art Festival held between September and October. The most famous landmark in Beijing is Tiananmen Square which is the largest public square in the world and can be found in the Dongcheng District. This is the perfect place to start your sightseeing because many attractions surround the square including the Forbidden City, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Monument to the People's Heroes and The Chinese National Museum. There are also several temples located nearby such as the Zhihua Temple, Confucius Temple and Yonghegong. Transportation: The easiest way to explore Beijing is to take the subway because the signs are marked in English. Riding a bus is also another choice, but the only problem may be the language barrier.
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