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Location, Climate: Avignon was given the title “City of Popes” because it was the home of the popes during the Papal Schism. It is situated in the region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur in France. The climate of Avignon is Mediterranean with dry, warm summers and damp, cool winters. Find the best selection of discount hotels online. Book now to utilize huge discounts on Avignon hotels. Brief History: Evidences of human settlement were found in the caves of Rocher des Dames which proved existence during the Stone Age. There were also traces of Roman occupation in Avignon with the discovery of forum near the Rue Saint-Etienne and Rue Racine. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Probably the biggest event in the city is the Avignon Festival which is held every summer. This annual event features two festivals: the “Festival In” which features theater plays in the Palace of the Popes and the “Festival Off” which showcases street performances and undiscovered plays. After visiting the largest Gothic complex in the world, the Palace of the Pope, head to the Avignon Cathedral, Place Pie and Le Pont Saint-Benezet. If you still got time to tour around, make sure to visit the Fort St-Andre, Carthusian Monastery and the Lapidaire Museum. Transportation: Avignon is quite small which makes it easy to wander around on foot. Most locals prefer riding a bicycle and you can share a bike via the “velopop” program. There are around 200 bicycles located at 17 stations all over the city. Make sure to purchase a smartcard to get access to these bikes.
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