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Location, Climate:
Ancona is a charming city in central Italy. Its location along the Adriatic Sea and between the Monte Conero, Monte Guasco and Monte Astagano slopes give it a combination of continental and Mediterranean climate. Summers in Ancona are warm while winters are cold and snowy at times. Thunderstorms often occur in August and September so it is best to avoid making discount hotel reservations during those months. Find a wide selection of discount hotels online. Book now to enjoy great deals in Ancona hotels.

Brief History:
Despite of the attacks of the Lombards, Saracens and Goths to Ancona between the 3rd and 5th centuries, the city was able to regain its importance and power. After the conquest of Charles the Great in Northern Italy, Ancona became the capital of the March of Ancona and a significant maritime republic around 1000.

Events, Landmarks, Activities:
If you love jazz music, then don't miss the Summer Jazz Festival in Ancona. This annual music fest is held every month of July and features a series of jazz concerts taking place in various venues. The most notable landmark in the city is the breathtaking Ancona Cathedral which is superbly set on top of a hill giving marvelous views. Other must-see attractions include the Parco del Cardeto, Piazza San Francesco and Loreto where you can see the Santuario della Santa Casa and Palazzo Apostolico.

Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore Ancona and other neighboring cities including Rome and Perugia. Buses are the most used public transport in Ancona and most of them can be found at Piazza Cavour.

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