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Location, Climate: Alanya is a popular beach resort in Turkey that is situated in the Antalya Province and nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains. The climate of Alanya is Mediterranean having warm and hot summers and mild and cool winters. There are also frequent rainfalls during winter but the especially during months of November to January. Brief History: The city changed its name several times due to the different empires that reigned it centuries ago. Alanya used to be called Kalonoros during the term of the Byzantine Empire which is a Greek word for “beautiful mountain”. When the Seljuqs arrived, they changed the city's name to Alaiye which was derived from the name of their sultan Alaeddin. The name of the city was officially changed to Alanya by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1935. Events, Landmarks, Activities: Experience the culture and art of Alanya by attending the annual Alanya International Culture and Art Festival which showcases various shows and street exhibitions every last weekend of May. Advance your hotel booking to have a hassle-free stay in Alanya since most hotels get packed during that time. Alanya is famous for its spectacular caves including the world-famous Damlatas Cave, Dim Cave and the Lover's Cave. There are also a few historical sites in Alanya that are worth-visiting such as the Red Tower and the Old Shipyard. Transportation: Alanya is a small resort so it can be easily explored by foot or you can also rent a bike or scooter but roads. Another great way to travel especially during hot days is via dolmus which are shared taxis.
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